true blue

True Blue was designed with only one goal in mind – to win the 1994-95 edition of the BOC Solo Around the World Race. Jutson worked with skipper David Adams on this intensely personal project and the results were beyond expectation. Not only did David take True Blue to the finish line first overall he also shattered the race record by 10 days.

True Blue was unlike any other boat on the start line. Jutson had ignored the wide skiff like style of design that was dominant in the fleet and instead applied rigorous VPP analysis using a global wind model. The idea was to find the fastest boat around the world and in this process Jutson discovered that the race winning legs would have to be the light and fluky conditions typically found in the Atlantic on the opening and closing legs. While True Blue may loose ground in the glorious hard running of the Southern Ocean this would be a pittance on comparison to what she would gain in the plain sailing conditions of the Atlantic. So, while she did not have the fastest 24 hour run, her average sailing speeds were consistently higher than her competition and she blazed in the light airs of the doldrums.

True Blue was also unique in that she was built on a minimal budget. As a result her hull was built using Western Red Cedar as a core and the keel was basic mild steel with a centered lead bulb. Headsails were even borrowed from an IOR 50! Money was spent on a carbon mast and boom which was advance for its time but the overall balance of materials and construction proved just right for the job.


LOA 15.24 m
LWL 13.95 m
Beam 4.28 m
Draft 3.3 m
Disp 6250 kg


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