prime mover

Prime Mover is a 55 foot high performance cruising cat. She has accommodation roughly equal to a heavy 47 foot cruising cat which is exactly the amount desired. However, there was also the desire to sail very well and this could only occur with length and a pair of good load bearing hulls. That’s the basis of Prime Mover.

Prime Mover was built for and by the owner of Ramtech Yachts and is truly a work of art. She has a well engineered structure using carbon where it matters and high quality E Glass and PVC foam everywhere else. The traditionally stayed carbon mast is a wonder in the multihull world where complex rigs are de rigueur.

Simple clean and light Prime Mover is the boat I would take for a long term trip through the Pacific.


LOA 16.765m
Beam 8.50m
Draft 0.92m
Disp 8,250kg
RM @ 9 Deg 22,500 kg/m
Main 81.5 m²
Genoa 70 m²
Spinn 110.0 m²


great things happen with great design