Dragonfly is a Formula 40 catamaran built in Australia in 1987, designed by Scott Jutson and built by David Renouf. Her previous owners campaigned the boat extensively under the name “Simply the Best”. The boat set numerous records in Australia including: Surf to City Race; Gold Coast to Moreton, where she averaged 23.6 knots and won the 347nm Brisbane to Gladstone Race 4 consecutive times. Along the way she was able to amass a record of 67 consecutive “line honour” finishes.

Dragonfly was sold to a Seattle based owner who competed in most major sailing events in the Pacific northwest and won many most notably winning the Swiftsure Race in 2000 and 2001 taking 2 hours off the existing record in 2000 and another hour off the record in 2001. The record, set by Dragonfly, now stands at 9 hours.

She has twice completed the 580 nautical mile Cadillac Van Isle 360 Race around Vancouver Island. In 2001 she set a new elapse time record of just over 68 hours.

This boat is proof that competitiveness does not have to be short lived. One thing for sure, the fun of sailing this boat will never end


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