stepped hull planing cats

Will the deep V ever die? The proven solution for 45 knots and above is the double hull stepped catamaran. This has been the dominant hull form at the top level of ocean racing, the Class 1 World Powerboat Championships since the early 80s. Even at this refined level the difference is clear – the cats are driven sitting down and the monos standing up (not that they are raced anymore at this level). That says it all about the ride side of things. As for the performance differential I guess all that slamming is using energy up in the wrong way.

The queen of our fleet is the M2 60  which was launched in late 2007. This is luxury yacht designed to fill the many functions of family recreational boating.It uses motors 25% smaller than the same class mono and uses about 30% less fuel at 40 knots. The handling and sea keeping have to be experienced to be believed. Great videos on their web site as well.

We are now working on a 48 foot 58kt centre consoled sport fisherman powered by twin 800s. State of the art diesel combined with a state of the art hull form and you have a ready glimpse of the future.

great things happen with great design