semi-displacement powercats

I have never been exclusively a multihull designer. I prefer to find solutions to problems using a broader colour spectrum than any one narrow category provides. However, in this instance we have a case where all the answers point in one direction – the power catamaran. We did our first semi – displacement powercat in 1998 with the Meridian built 70 footer Rocko. We had already concluded that it provided the best answer to some questions that had long been avoided by the powerboat world :

Of course all this had been proven by the hard dollar and sense world of commercial transport where high speed catamaran ferries are by far the dominant means of moving people and car on the major routes of the world.  As a result it is no surprise that I have noted the appeal of this style of craft is limited to hard nosed and deeply experienced blue water power boaters.

If you really want to get out there and do some serious cruising then this is the style for you.

aluminum : commercial and private

In 2009, following a growing demand from the commercial industry, we converted our highly developed semi displacement cat hull form into a geometry suitable for construction in aluminum. We are now actively supporting a number of builders in the Pacific Northwest who have seen the need for more fuel efficient and longer range vessels for passenger ferries, research vessels and service vessels. There are a number As well as commercial craft we are doing private cruising yachts in the same style. Our customers benefit from the ease and speed of construction in this medium which allows for significant economies for one off builds with virtually no waste compared to composite construction. Our private clients to date seem to prefer a work boat look but anything is possible now that we design 100% with CNC cutting in mind. This also makes our designs faster and easier to build with this virtual ‘connect the dots’ approach to construction.

great things happen with great design