foil assisted catamarans

I will not claim originality here but having spent the better part of 2007 in Cape Town I am a convert. The foil assisted catamaran has its roots in the treacherous waters of False Bay as well as being the home of the concepts founderĀ  Dr Gunter Hoppe. During my time there I was part of the development team for the m2-21 and m2-45 production models and we have now developed a full range of aluminium models for the British Columbia whale watching industry. What do these craft offer that others do not?

Foil assisted cats are best optimised around a speed range so are great for longer open water runs and top speeds between 30 and 45 knots. We continue to work with our South African associates and can offer a wide range of proven designs tailored to your needs in GRP and aluminium from 21 to 50 feet.

great things happen with great design