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Metal Shark 40 Foil Assist Catamaran Launched

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Launched in July 2016 this is a 40ft foil assisted catamaran built by

MetalShark Marine in Louisiana. This is a USCG SubT certified vessel

that will be used for deep water fishing charter as well as short hop

passenger service. Power is by 2 x 300 Yamaha outboards for a top

speed of 41 knots.
Foil assist catamaran

New web site :

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

We have established a new domain which is dedicated to our powercatamaran designs. Hope you like it! Go to

powercatamaran.caPowercatamaran-high speed

24m Exploration Catamaran – Underway at Pachoud Motoryachts

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Due to launch in mid 2014 this innovative vessel is full of unique features that insure a high level of autonomy with a range in excess of 2500 NM. The helicopter deck has a sliding landing pad for maximum clearance when landing as well as a 500g refueling facility. While the vessel is purposely suited to suit a range of smaller machines she will be launched with a Hughes MD500.  Obstructions such as the radar arch slide forward for optimal clearance during take off and landing.

This vessel also sports a custom landing craft tender that will transport 2 Honda 230 motorbikes which are handled with a dedicated crane system discreetly built in to the aft deck overhead. For non motorised exploration there are two Hobie Triaks stored in the transom face locker and easily launched with the hydraulic tender platform.

The interior is based around a sumptuous main deck stateroom with an additional three guest cabins and crew cabin below. Power will be by 2 MAN R6 800s


Just Launched Catamaran R/V For Coastal Carolina Univeristy

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Just launched by Armstrong Marine of Port Angeles, WA is this 48 ft research vessel for Coastal Carolina University. This blue water work boat utilises a new variant of our succesful semi displacement hull which is more closely optimised for alloy construction. The vessel will have a large amount of computing capacity to collect data from a variety of sources including a bow mounted sonar system. The vessel is also configured to recover and deploy deep water weather buoys and associated sea bed instrumentation.

Aside from research use the vessel is also licensed for up to 20 passengers so students of the university can participate in on water experiements. Photos are from intial sea trials off Port Angeles and show the vessel at approx 22 knots. Power is by 2 x Cummins 380 hp motors. CCU_2CCU_1

Just launched – 44ft Catamaran Pilot Boat

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Launched in October by Armstrong Marine in Port Angeles, WA this could be the first displacement catamaran purpose designed for pilot boat service. The idea is to eliminate the surging typical of a planing boat in the 14-18 knot speed range when the pilot is being deployed  The Polaris has accomodation for 4 with galley and dinette and is fully air conditioned. Power is 2 x 330 hp Cummins diesels for a top speed of 24 knots. The vessel will work out of Puerto Quetzal on the west coast of Guatemala.

Jutson 49 Trawler Catamaran by LeClerqc Marine

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Launched this spring this 49 x 17 cat is now cruising through the San Juans up to Desolation Sound.  The design is well suited to the Pacific Northwest with a studied blend of weather protection and outdoor space. The look is unabashedly commercial but the interior is anything but befitting a boat from the LeClerqc yard. Power is 2 x 260 hp Yanmars for a top speed of 17.4 kts.


On Site Assembly

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

While I have had experience with demountable sialing cats over the years this is our first multi part power boat. It is designed so that it can be helicoptered in three pieces (weight restricted) to a remote eco lake front lodge in Alaska and then re-assembled on site. The thing that makes this work well is the use of full 3D design to CNC cutting so the accuracy of assembly is never in question. UPDATE : Vessel is was launched by Armstrong Marine in Port Angeles, WA in August .  Top speed is 23.5 knots with twin 115 hp Yamaha outboards. The client was impressed with the room and amazing ride quality.


53M DP2 Windfarm Accomodation Catamaran

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The diversity of vessels required for the fast growing offshore windfarm industry has left the marine industry struggling  to keep apace. This design is an example of where need has outpaced both the regulatory and supply side. Crew boat classification has been held at 12 crew for years but new rules published by Germanisher Lloyds are raising that bar and allowing for the possibility of larger on station operations which will save enormously on time and costs.

However, crew transfer from larger vessels requires dynamic positioning to avoid damaging the monopole structures and that requires a substantial re think in crew transfer devices for this new generation on intermediate size vessels which are too small for the Amplemann device and too big for the gen 1 Houlder TAS.

This DP-2 design is for North Sea use and features 24 private cabins, a 40 seat briefing room, tool up room, wet room and a sick bay. Propulsion will be through Voith Schneider drives with VRP thrusters.

24 and 20 m High Speed Wind Farm Service Design

Monday, February 6th, 2012

The offshore wind farm industry is entering into a new phase and with it the speed and range of the service fleet must be extended. Adding to this is the ever present issue of crew safety and comfort since access to the turbines remains difficult in seas much over 1.5 meters. Our design takes significant steps forward with a speed capability of 40 knots as well as class leading sea keeping ability. This is the result of combining our assymetric 20 degree deadrise hull with Hysucat foils. Crew offloading in the 24m is handled with the new Houlder turbine transfer system which acts like a steady cam providing steady and assured crew movements in seas up to 2.5 m. Propulsion and fine control of the vessel is achoeved using the ServoGear Ecoflow system combined with MTU 2000 hp motors in the 24 meter version and Cat C32 Acert in the 20m version.

24m Wind Farm Service Vessels

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

The European offshore wind farm industry is growing at a fast pace and a part of that growth is the requirement for a unique class of service vessels to move technicians to and from the turbos. The platform of choice is near universal : the semi dispalcement catamaran. We have been asked to take our expertise in this area and develop the next generation design with an eye towards the priority issues that have developed: ride comfort , drive system suitability and the safe transfer of crew.  We are working on two options in partnership with Diverse Projects NZ : a semi dispalcement version using the unique Houlder Turbine Access System (as pictured) and a 40 knot version using an assymetric hull and a Hysucat foil system.  Both styles of vessel will incorporate a variable pitch drive system which will not only increase top end speed but also low end control and bollard pull. The system has none of the revealed weakness of jet drives in this service.

We are now developing a complete range of both foil assist and semi dispalcement from 18-24m to suit the needs of this ever expanding market.


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