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Just Launched Catamaran R/V For Coastal Carolina Univeristy

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Just launched by Armstrong Marine of Port Angeles, WA is this 48 ft research vessel for Coastal Carolina University. This blue water work boat utilises a new variant of our succesful semi displacement hull which is more closely optimised for alloy construction. The vessel will have a large amount of computing capacity to collect data from a variety of sources including a bow mounted sonar system. The vessel is also configured to recover and deploy deep water weather buoys and associated sea bed instrumentation.

Aside from research use the vessel is also licensed for up to 20 passengers so students of the university can participate in on water experiements. Photos are from intial sea trials off Port Angeles and show the vessel at approx 22 knots. Power is by 2 x Cummins 380 hp motors. CCU_2CCU_1

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