53M DP2 Windfarm Accomodation Catamaran

The diversity of vessels required for the fast growing offshore windfarm industry has left the marine industry struggling  to keep apace. This design is an example of where need has outpaced both the regulatory and supply side. Crew boat classification has been held at 12 crew for years but new rules published by Germanisher Lloyds are raising that bar and allowing for the possibility of larger on station operations which will save enormously on time and costs.

However, crew transfer from larger vessels requires dynamic positioning to avoid damaging the monopole structures and that requires a substantial re think in crew transfer devices for this new generation on intermediate size vessels which are too small for the Amplemann device and too big for the gen 1 Houlder TAS.

This DP-2 design is for North Sea use and features 24 private cabins, a 40 seat briefing room, tool up room, wet room and a sick bay. Propulsion will be through Voith Schneider drives with VRP thrusters.

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