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24m Wind Farm Service Vessels

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

The European offshore wind farm industry is growing at a fast pace and a part of that growth is the requirement for a unique class of service vessels to move technicians to and from the turbos. The platform of choice is near universal : the semi dispalcement catamaran. We have been asked to take our expertise in this area and develop the next generation design with an eye towards the priority issues that have developed: ride comfort , drive system suitability and the safe transfer of crew.  We are working on two options in partnership with Diverse Projects NZ : a semi dispalcement version using the unique Houlder Turbine Access System (as pictured) and a 40 knot version using an assymetric hull and a Hysucat foil system.  Both styles of vessel will incorporate a variable pitch drive system which will not only increase top end speed but also low end control and bollard pull. The system has none of the revealed weakness of jet drives in this service.

We are now developing a complete range of both foil assist and semi dispalcement from 18-24m to suit the needs of this ever expanding market.


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